NSRF Coaches Micro-Training: Virtual Compass Points, September 24th, 2020 7AM EDT

Micro-Training for Virtual Critical Friends Group Work:

Virtual Compass Points Activity
for CFG Coaches

September 24th, 2020
7:00-8:30AM  EDT

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via Zoom**

Remember the power of learning your and others’ Compass Points in your CFG Coaches’ Training? Learning that the differences between your view and others’ isn’t a character flaw on anyone’s part, but in fact it’s a huge benefit to the group as a whole? Remember all those “aha” moments when you suddenly understood why others reacted so differently, and how easy it suddenly became NOT to get mad at them for it, and to learn ways of replying to others that honored their perspectives as well as your own?

Whether you recently or long ago shared the Compass Points Activity with your colleagues or students, you’ll want to engage in this exclusive, online micro-training from NSRF. In it, you will learn how to conduct the Virtual version of this activity via Zoom — it’s a bit trickier than conducting it around the table, but it ends with equally rich results! Plus, during this Micro-Training, we will also unveil a new icebreaker activity for you, easily conducted within Zoom.

Both activities can be led with adults or students via Zoom, and you will receive PDF copies upon completion of the training.

Dates, Times, and other Details

On Thursday, September 24th, please join other trained CFG Coaches from around the world and discover how they help build trust even within the virtual environment and even among strangers. This Micro-Training is scheduled for 7AM Eastern Daylight Time.

You can expect to:

  • learn a new “hidden-in-plain sight” technique within Zoom to quickly build a sense of belonging and connection, survey participants about any multiple-choice question, and invite a bit of playfulness,
  • reflect on your habits and preferences when collaborating around a problem,
  • create a virtual “poster” to share the perspective of you and your “compass-mates,”
  • and more.

Using NSRF protocols and activities adapted to the virtual landscape, we can promote a much greater sense of belonging and togetherness in this time when physical distancing and massive stresses make us all feel so much more “apart” than ever before. Learning to support each other, we will be stronger together through difficult times such as the COVID-19 pandemic, but also during more local or temporary challenges.

This collaborative session promoting self-care and community will be led by NSRF’s amazing, trained facilitators. After your participation in this 90-minute event, we will ask you to write Reflections about this Micro-Training, and we will tell you more of what’s in store. Within a day or two, we will email you PDF copies of the icebreaker and the Virtual Compass Points Activity for you to keep and use in your own work moving forward.

This 90-minute session is open only to certified CFG Coaches AND has limited “seating.” You will need to login with your CFG Coaches account in order to complete the purchase.

IMPORTANT: You will have a quick task to complete IN ADVANCE OF THIS TRAINING. We require you to complete and submit a short Google Form before the training begins. In this Google Form, you are to self-identify as one compass point “direction,” and then submit this form immediately so the micro-training’s facilitators have this information in hand.

Upon moving through your registration and purchase, you will find a link on your receipt titled “Download Compass Point Artwork HERE.” This link will open/download a PDF file which will provide the link to the Google Form you need. If you don’t see this link for the download, you may not have moved through the purchase process completely (See technicalities worth noting below)!


Because we will be using breakout rooms and debriefing as a larger group, this is NOT a webinar but a collaborative training experience that will be familiar to those who are accustomed to Critical Friends Group work.

Don’t delay! Registration will close approximately 30 minutes before the training begins.

Please be on time or a few minutes early as we will start and end on time.




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    2. Because this product is exclusive for CFG Coaches, you MUST LOGIN TO COMPLETE THE PURCHASE PROCESS! As a trained coach, you should have a membership on our site with a login and password. Click on “My Account” on the Main Menu, in the upper right corner, to login and then return to your “cart” or this registration page.
    3. Upon completing the transaction, you will be added to our participant list. You will see the links to “Join” the Zoom meeting on the “Thank you” page following your purchase and also in your email notification/receipt that the order has been received. Save the link to either join the meeting via the Zoom App or through your web browser. In most cases, using the Zoom App works best.
    4. Once you have registered and moved through the purchase process completely, you should receive an email notification/receipt as well as two “reminder emails” for this Zoom meeting, 24 hours before the date/time and also 3 hours before. If you have not received any emails, go back to be sure you have moved through the purchase process entirely (until you have reached the “Thank you!” page). You may also check your spam or junk filter.

If you have any questions or concerns about the purchase process, reach out to us right away: nsrf@nsrfharmony.org. We are here to help!

This event has a limited number of seats—Act now!

We hope to soon have even more online materials and virtual trainings available soon! If you haven’t renewed your CFG Coaches’ Membership lately, please do, to gain access to our extended online protocol library!

RENEW YOUR COACHES’ MEMBERSHIP TODAY! (requires Coaches’ login/access)


**Please prepare for your camera to be on and to interact via your microphone. It is helpful to have a headset with mic to avoid background noises. We will be utilizing Zoom’s “breakout room” feature. Your registration for this event is documentation of your permission for us to record the group activity (not the breakout rooms).

Zoom is a free application for videoconferencing commonly used in education. Although you may be prompted to download the application once you click on our meeting link, you are not required to sign-up or download Zoom to attend a meeting. Read more about Zoom.




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Start: Thursday September 24, 2020 07:00 AM
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