We’re halfway through Black History Month, and wanted to alert you to a powerful free resource available online. Layla F. Saad has created the “Me and White Supremacy Handbook,” which sprung out of her monthlong #meandwhitesupremacy Instagram challenge.

PLEASE don’t be shut down by the words “White Supremacy” in this title.

In Chapter 3, “What is White Supremacy,” she says “You may be wondering why I chose to use the words ‘White Supremacy’ for this book and not something softer or less confrontational like ‘Internalised Racism’ or ‘Unconscious Bias.’ You may be thinking that white supremacy is a term that is only used to describe far right extremists and Neo Nazis.

“However, this idea that white supremacy only applies to the so-called ‘bad ones’ is both incorrect and dangerous, because it reinforces the idea that white supremacy is an ideology that is only upheld by a fringe group of white people. White supremacy is far from fringe. In white-dominated societies and communities, it is the dominant paradigm that forms of the foundation from which norms, rules, and laws, are created.”

She also says “This workbook will challenge you in ways that you have not been challenged before. But we are living in challenging times. There is much work to be done. And it begins with getting honest with yourself, getting educated, becoming more conscious about what is really going on (and how you are complicity in it), getting uncomfortable, and questioning your core paradigms about race, spirituality feminism, and leadership. If you are willing to do that, and if we are all committed to doing the work that is ours to do, we may just have a chance in creating a world and way of living that is closer to what we all desire for ourselves and one another.”

Since I started working at the NSRF, I have been learning about racism, and as a white woman, I have been cautious — maybe too cautious — about bringing it up in my trainings. Based on what many others have said about this workbook, I am hopeful that it will be helpful in my own learning, and so I wanted to share it with you.  https://www.meandwhitesupremacybook.com/

Staff post by Luci Englert McKean, NSRF Assistant Director, co-editor of the CFG Coaches’ Handbook, and NSRF International Facilitator. She welcomes learning, even (especially?) about the hard stuff, and invites conversations that help that learning. She may be reached at the NSRF office at 812-330-2702 or by emailing luci@nsrfharmony.org.