Are you ready to be trained as a Critical Friends Group Coach, but your workplace isn’t offering it this summer?

Most CFG Coaches in the United States are trained when their school or district bring NSRF on-site to facilitate learning for cohorts of up to 15 people at a time.

But if you’re “flying solo” or wanting to “test drive” this work before officially launching CFG work in your school or district, then our “open” trainings are a wonderful alternative.

Open Trainings open the world to you

In your work environment, you interact often with people who are a lot like you. You are, after all, working in a similar field, with the same student body, within the same age/grade range, in a particular school, in a shared geographic location.

In contrast, each NSRF Open Training typically includes:

  • participants from a range of early childhood, elementary, middle, high, preK-12, and higher education,
  • a mixture of classroom teachers, administrators, coaches, professional development folks, and others,
  • people from public and private schools,
  • participants from “poorer” schools and districts, and others from more comfortable places,
  • some who are attending voluntarily and others who have been “strongly encouraged to attend” by an administrator,
  • educators from all over the country and sometimes even from outside the U.S, and
  • sometimes a few participants from business or other arenas who want to learn from and with educators.

Two options this summer

Here at the home of NSRF, Bloomington, Indiana, we are planning an open training again the week of July 8-12. There’s also an option at Wildwood School in Los Angeles from July 29-August 2.

You can learn more about Open Trainings in general and these two opportunities specifically by visiting our Open Trainings page.

A third: bring NSRF to you to train larger groups

And if you know you want to begin or continue improving your school culture by having a larger number of coaches trained, skip here to our On-Site Trainings Page to learn more. Summertime is NSRF’s busiest season, so if you’re thinking of booking us, the sooner you contact us, the more likely you’ll be able to book the dates you want.

In any case, feel free to call NSRF at 812-330-2702 or email if you have further questions.