In this 30+ minute podcast, Daniel Bauer of Better Leaders Better Schools and NSRF’s own executive director, Michele Mattoon, discuss their experiences growing up in cultures around the world, of the impact of Critical Friends Group® work, and of the value and necessity of gaining a “sense of belonging” as well as how NSRF’s protocols can work to build this sense of belonging in classrooms and also in our professional meetings.

Listen to the podcast above to hear the whole conversation!

Michele Mattoon: “I love this work because I deeply and truly feel that everybody should have the experience that we try to give people. They learn ways of being able to talk to each other and have difficult conversations. They’re honest without being offensive. People work and move together rather than being divided.”

Daniel Bauer: “The work that you do certainly serves education but can also serve the world because the human experience sometimes can be messy and chaotic and what these protocols can do is give us a little bit of certainty and a path forward and some guardrails to play within to be successful.”

Michele Mattoon

Michele Mattoon, NSRF Executive Director

Michele Mattoon, NSRF Executive Director & Facilitator, has led the NSRF since 2009 and previously was an elementary coordinator and teacher.