Try on some of these probing questions and see if you find them helpful.

  1. Which is worse, failing or never trying?
  2. What would happen if you did that thing you fear?
  3. Who made the “rule” that’s stopping you?
  4. What’s one tiny step you can take right now to become a better coach?
  5. What would the Five-Years-From-Now You wish you would do tomorrow?
  6. What would the Ten-Years-From-Now Version of your least-favorite student or colleague  wish you had done today?
  7. If you could drop your emotions at the door and step through with a totally objective viewpoint, how might that change the situation that worries you?
  8. If you could offer a college freshman in a School of Education one piece of advice, what would it be?
  9. What do you love that puts others into their danger zone? How is that information important to you? How might that change your relationship?
  10. What makes you, you? Which of those attributes make you a good coach or facilitator?

Click on the image or here to download five of these prompts as business-card-sized graphic images, along with five more made from a coaches-only document of Reflections questions for CFG coaches and members.  You can use them for bookmarks, tape them to your computer, or share them with friends. If you like the prompts with the lake/sky reflections images, you’ll find more along that line in the Sample Reflections for CFG Coaches’ document from the Coaches’ Resources page in the dropdown menu, or by clicking here.   If you have completed a five-day Coaches’ Training with us but you have not renewed your membership, you may purchase a coach membership by clicking here to get the full benefit of many more helpful documents and resources.

Also, we’re thinking of converting these images into mini-posters and making them available to CFG Coaches. If that’s appealing to you, please reply in comments, and note whether you’d like them for your own workspace, or if you’d prefer edited versions appropriate for students in a classroom … or perhaps you have an even better idea! We invite your suggestions.