Please join us in the October Open Training for new Critical Friends Group® Coaches!

Critical Friends Group Coaches’ Training inspires and supports educators to build collaborative groups of adults called Critical Friends Group communities. Within these regular meetings, the group members problem-solve and improve our practices as teachers and school administrators. All that focused work translates into greater success for our students, much higher job satisfaction for the educators, and a strengthened positive culture within the school.
Our new Building Belonging in the Classroom Training is a separate training (now Beta-testing), and focuses directly upon increasing your students’ Belonging Mindset, Growth Mindset, and Purpose and Relevance Mindset.  Where CFG® Coaches’ Training focuses on adult collaboration that can crossover into classrooms, certified Building Belonging Coaches will work primarily within the classroom with students but may crossover into better collaboration with adults.
Our upcoming Open Training for CFG Coaches in October will focus–as it always has–on adult collaboration. But because we’re Beta-testing the new Building Belonging materials and we see how flawlessly those intermingle with CFG work, a small sneak peek of the new Building Belonging training will “flavor” the next Open Training in Bloomington, scheduled to begin October 14-16.
Interested?  Jump in, but make it quick!  Our deadline for signups is a week from tomorrow, September 3rd.

Details here:  CFG New Coaches Training, October 2019

And if you want to learn more about scheduling a five-day Building Belonging in the Classroom training, please contact us at 812-330-2702 or