• Critical Friends Group work and CFG coaches’ training

    Critical Friends Group work originated with the NSRF in 1994. The key differences between CFG communities and other professional learning communities (PLCs) are (1) an intentional cultivation of safety and trust between the members, and (2) a focus on solving problems and accomplishing goals brought by its participants. These distinctions are key to the member educators helping each other improve their practices with honesty and integrity, resulting in a more positive school culture. Groups are led by a certified CFG coach who is trained to use NSRF collaboration tools called “protocols” mindfully. These tools allow all CFG members’ voices to be heard and honored as they give non-judgmental, but open and honest feedback to one another, resulting in accomplishing great things in short periods of time. Worldwide, educators are experiencing how CFG work epitomizes the mindset of continuous growth and improvement, as their CFG communities create and solidify their belonging mindset, all of which translates into a productive system to improve student learning. This downloadable guide walks you through more information about NSRF mission and purpose and defines the training and processes surrounding training.
  • Here you may pay or renew your Membership Fee in order to initiate or continue your Member-level access with the National School Reform Faculty. A paid membership also includes subscription to our publication, Connections, which offers you tips on using our protocols and activities effectively, facilitation tips, media reviews, and much more. With your membership, you are helping lead the effort to fulfill our mission: empowering educators to create meaningful learning experiences for all, by collaborating effectively in reflective democratic communities that foster educational equity and social justice.

    Are you a trained CFG Coach? If so, then you should renew your CFG Coaches' Membership instead to have access to ALL of our protocols and activities, including the most updated and complex! Be sure to be logged in to your account with your applied coaches' status in order to see the Coaches' Membership as a product in the store. Need help logging in? Call our office or email us for assistance. Interested in becoming a trained CFG Coach? We would love to have you at one of our upcoming Open Trainings, or NSRF can come to your school for an On-Site Training!
  • Collaborative Cue Cards assist participants engaged in CFG work with several key skills, adding to the efficiency and effectiveness of the NSRF protocols.
  • Collaborative Cue Cards assist participants engaged in CFG work with several key skills, adding to the efficiency and effectiveness of the NSRF protocols.
  • Anxiety, depression, and their dangerous manifestations-substance abuse, eating disorders, self-injury and suicide- are increasing student conditions at many competitive high schools. Paradoxically, most of these schools promote themselves as being committed to students' holistic development in academics, athletics and the arts, and in their personal, social, and emotional growth. So why are so many students struggling? Dr. Gleason has investigated these concerns in competitive high schools throughout the United States and around the world, and has found almost complete unanimity in how educators and parents have responded to his interviews. In sum, these caring and dedicated adults fully admit to overscheduling, overworking and, at times, overwhelming their students and teenaged children. This conflict - adults wanting to educate and parent adolescents in healthy and balanced ways, but simultaneously, overscheduling, overworking and, at times, overwhelming them - is at the heart of this book. In At What Cost?, Dr. David Gleason recruits educators and parents to more empathic ways of operating that not only respect adolescent's true developmental capacities but also don't interfere with their growth trajectories or threaten their mental health.
  • Inquiry

    Positively reviewed in the December 2011 NSRF® Connections, this book helps districts define, develop, and implement a systematic inquiry-based process with a focus on both adult and student learning. NSRF protocols play an important role in how this district improved school culture.
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    This companion volume to the Courageous Conversations About Race provides chapter summaries and activities, writing prompts, and artwork for overheads and handouts. Positively reviewed in the November 2014 issue of Connections.
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    This companion volume to the Courageous Conversations About Race provides chapter summaries and activities, writing prompts, and artwork for overheads and handouts. Positively reviewed in the November 2014 issue of Connections.
  • Sequel to the 2006 Courageous Conversations About Race book (also available via this website), this 2013 edition expands the discussion of equity and social justice in schools.
  • The Resource Book was formerly used in our Critical Friends Group® Coaches' trainings, and contains a selection of the older protocols and activities from the NSRF library.
  • This sturdy coated poly-canvas tote with a gray and white reflective band is perfect for carrying all of your NSRF essentials whether it be day or night. This shoulder tote features the NSRF logo and its partnered affiliate the Harmony Education Center, in a tri-band pattern of black, white and green. This bag can be carried with ease on the shoulder or resting on the arm with the aid of its straps and with an added bonus an attached zipper to keep all your belongings safe and secure. Approximate Product Measurements: Height: 16 in. Length: 21 in. Width: 5 in. Carrying Capacity: 0.972 cubic feet Should you need to pay with a purchase order, you will need to email or call us with that information.
  • Complete the form below and then click the "Add to Cart" button to complete the purchase. Please join us in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana, home of Indiana University for this five-day training. (South-Central Indiana is especially lovely in the Fall!) The October training is offered in two segments so you can avoid being out and away for five consecutive days. The first three days are October 19-21, 2020, and, as a participant, you will determine as part of the group when you will return for the last two days, likely within the next month or two. The fee for the week is $850 and includes a copy of the new CFG Coaches' Handbook, one 12-pack of Collaborative Cue Cards to bring back to share with your school or organization, and a year's coaches' membership in the NSRF® with full access to the coaches' online protocol library as well as life-long support from your training facilitator and NSRF's offices. If you bring one or more colleagues with you to training, each of you will receive a $50 discount, so the price becomes $800 each. To pay for multiple registrations and receive the discount, please call our office at 812-330-2702. Seats ARE limited. There are only 15 available. If you prefer, you may call NSRF at 812-330-2702, and we can take your registration information over the phone and answer any questions you may have. Upon completion of this training, you become a certified CFG coach with coaches' status on the NSRF website for life! Please do not book any non-refundable travel arrangements until we confirm this training will occur. We will confirm our trainings for you at least six weeks prior to the first day of training. If you need to cancel before this confirmation date, you can receive a full refund of the cost of registration. When we confirm this training, we will give you a link to book your hotel room at a discounted rate! Note: If after submitting this form, you do not see a window that says "Thanks for registering for the New Coaches' Training!" please email nsrf@nsrfharmony.org or call us at 812-330-2702, as we may not have received your registration information. If this has happened to you, please contact us as soon as possible. Read more about this training here.
  • Tools for Stress Management, Belonging, and Virtual Work: New Quotes Interaction Activity

    Thursday, July 9th, 2020, 1:00-2:00 pm EST, via Zoom*

    Join us in this open online Micro-Training from NSRF!  You will experience and learn a new online activity to help your community of adults and students connect via Zoom or in-person during this stressful time. You will also find other uses for it in your environment, using different quotes.   With us, you will:
    • reflect on your present stress level and sense of belonging or isolation,
    • select a quote about stress and belonging that resonates with you
    • share the quote in a breakout group of 3 or 4 and tell the small group your reasons for selecting it,
    • listen deeply (without judgment) to others’ quotes and reasons, 
    • share insights (if desired) in the larger space as we debrief.
    After your participation in the 60-minute event, we will ask you to write a brief reflection about this Micro-Training. You will receive a PDF of the Virtual Quotes Interactions Activity for your own use after the event is complete.
    Promoting feelings of empathy, this activity can reveal ways we can connect with each other even virtually. We can be stronger together through difficult times we're experiencing in this country and around the world, and also during more local or temporary challenges.
    This virtual protocol was modified (in structure and in the quotes) from the “Quotes Introduction Activity” and is a brand-new addition to NSRF’s vast library of protocols and activities. As such, even people who are familiar with the “Quotes Intro Activity” will gain a new tool after experiencing this Micro-Training. (This is a repeat of the Micro-Training from June 25, but with a new facilitator and new participants, so the content may vary somewhat.)  You may learn some “new Zoom tricks” as well as insights about translating protocols from on-site settings into virtual settingsIt isn’t always as direct as you might think! And the new Quotes artwork that comes with this training provides quotes around Stress and Belonging, so you can see how the activity can be very different depending upon the quotes you select. This hour-long session is open to anyone but has limited “seating.” Don't delay!  Registration will close approximately 30 minutes before the training begins. Because we will be using breakout rooms and debriefing as a larger group, this is NOT a webinar but a collaborative training experience that will be familiar to those who are accustomed to Critical Friends Group work. Please arrive on time!  Previous CFG experience is NOT required, however.

    Please join us!


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    We hope to soon have more online materials and virtual trainings available, and you are also invited to become a Trained CFG Coach at one of our upcoming Open Trainings. Thank you for your interest!   *Please prepare for your camera to be on and to interact via your microphone. It is helpful to have a headset with mic to avoid background noises. We will be utilizing Zoom’s “breakout room” feature. Your registration for this event is documentation of your permission for us to record the group activity (not the breakout rooms).  Zoom is a free application for videoconferencing commonly used in education. Although you may be prompted to download the application once you click on our meeting link, you are not required to sign-up or download Zoom to attend a meeting. Read more about Zoom.