• Collaborative Cue Cards assist participants engaged in CFG work with several key skills, adding to the efficiency and effectiveness of the NSRF protocols.
  • Collaborative Cue Cards assist participants engaged in CFG work with several key skills, adding to the efficiency and effectiveness of the NSRF protocols.
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    This companion volume to the Courageous Conversations About Race provides chapter summaries and activities, writing prompts, and artwork for overheads and handouts. Positively reviewed in the November 2014 issue of Connections.
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    Critical Friends Group® On-Site Coaches' Training:

    A 5-day, experiential training held at Wildwood School in Los Angeles, CA culminating in CFG® Coaches’ Certification from NSRF®

    July 25-29th, 2022

    >> Registration for this training has closed. <<

    This five-day, on-site training provides educators with proven tools for developing a collaborative culture that fosters professional learning and raises student achievement. New CFG Coaches Training offers an opportunity to master the fundamentals of CFG coaching by experiencing them firsthand, as part of a cohort of like-minded professionals from a variety of environments.

    Five full days of intensive, collaborative learning!

    By the end of the training, participants will:
    • Embrace adult learning in service of equitable student outcomes
    • Develop and deepen facilitation skills
    • Know how to “mine” texts for deeper learning
    • Understand how to match protocols to particular examples of student and adult work
    • Know how to give and receive productive feedback on professional practice
    • Have a plan for launching CFG communities at their school or district
    • Receive certification as CFG coaches by The National School Reform Faculty
    The registration fee for the week is $850 per seat. Participants will each receive a copy of the CFG Coaches' Handbook, one 12-pack of Collaborative Cue Cards to bring back to share with your school or organization, and a year-long coaches' membership in the NSRF with full access to the coaches' online protocol library as well as email and phone support from your training facilitator and NSRF. Discounts available for small groups! Pay $775 per participant for schools/institutions sending 3 or more people.

    Seating is limited so act quickly!

    Only 25 people will benefit from this training.

    >> Registration for this training has closed. <<

    If you're interested, please register through the Wildwood Outreach Center website.


    Regarding COVID and cancellation policies:

    Do not book non-refundable travel arrangements until Wildwood confirms this training will occur. Confirmation should be announced at least 30 days prior to the first day of training. If you need to cancel before this confirmation date, you can receive a full refund of the cost of registration and a 50% refund after that, up to two weeks out from the scheduled start date. No refund or credit for cancellations made within two weeks of the training start date, and no refunds for your travel expenses. COVID provisions: Exceptions may be made for illness and other unexpected circumstances. Be sure to note that this is an on-site group training and does not cover the protocols and activities redesigned for use within virtual meetings! If this training should be cancelled due to changes in the pandemic, it will NOT be converted into a virtual training experience.
    COVID Mitigation Requirements for In-Person Workshops (per Los Angeles County Dept. of Public Health guidelines):
    • Proof of vaccination and booster required
    • Proof of negative test results required (no longer than 48 hours prior to first day of training)
    • Mask wearing required indoors throughout training (KN94/95 or higher required)

    Refund policy note

    NSRF works hard to keep the costs of our trainings low and only accepts a limited number of participants per cohort, which makes it an especially high-value training opportunity. Please confirm the refund policies listed on Wildwood's site. By submitting your registration you are agreeing to these terms.  

    Click here to register now through

    This on-site training is arranged through both NSRF and Wildwood Outreach Center. Payment and information must be supplied to Wildwood Outreach Center through their website.  

    Are you interested in a VIRTUAL coaches' training instead? View NSRF's virtual training options HERE



    If you have any questions about this specific On-Site CFG Coaches' training at Wildwood School in Los Angeles, California, please contact NSRF facilitator, Steve Barrett at sbarrett@wildwood.org. If you have questions about CFG trainings in general or becoming a member on our site, please email us at nsrf@nsrfharmony.org. We are happy to help!
  • Critical Friends Group® Virtual Coaches' Training:

    A 26-hour training conducted within Zoom, culminating in Virtual CFG® Coaches’ Certification

    October 17-21, 12 noon -3 p.m. EDT* + 24-26, 12 noon -3:30 p.m. EDT*

    *Check your equivalent timezone here.

    Build trust and a sense of belonging, improve your practice, and keep your priorities at the forefront: Critical Friends Group work!

    Please join us for Critical Friends Group Coaches' Training, conducted virtually. We'll meet synchronously via Zoom for about 26 hours, and you'll have about five hours of homework (replacing what would be 33+ hours in a traditional classroom). To be certified as a Virtual CFG Coach, you will need to participate in the entire training including your homework. In this hands-on and brains-on training (this is NOT a webinar!), participants will:
    • experience a range of proven activities to recognize and value our differences as well as our similarities,
    • further build trust by learning to give and receive feedback skillfully, including learning the phrasing that converts ideas from criticism to gifts,
    • remove the "teeth" of dilemmas by reframing them with new perspectives,
    • increase equity by ensuring we hear from everyone in meetings and classes (rather than just those who are comfortable speaking in large groups) and demonstrate that those voices are heard,
    • absorb how to use these tools by reflecting on every activity and protocol, documenting "what isn't on the written page,"
    • work to improve YOUR real-life problems brought by the participants, rather than content shared around theoretical examples.

    In short, you'll experience the power of Critical Friends Group communities during our days together, and you'll learn how to improve your work environment by creating that experience with your colleagues.

    Expect to collaborate and participate!

    You will be on-camera and on-task! This is not a "sit-and-get" webinar format, but one that requires your attention and interaction. And all that pays off handsomely. Upon completion of this training, you become a certified CFG coach with coaches' status on the NSRF website for life!   You will be certified (and prepared) to form and lead trusted Critical Friends Group learning communities, as well as to use these materials in meetings, classes, and other virtual settings. And because you'll have a Coaches' membership to the website for a full year, you will also have access to similar materials designed for use when we can all meet safely again in traditional, non-virtual settings.

    Time well spent!

    Until March 15, your investment for the full training is only $850 for 26 hours of training and includes a PDF copies of all the new protocols and activities used in the training, a year-long coaches' membership in the NSRF® with full access to the coaches' online protocol library, and ongoing support from your facilitators well beyond the training dates. As of March 15, the price for this training raises to $900. If you bring a friend or colleague to this training, each of you will receive a $50 discount, so the price becomes $800 each (one discount per organization, please).  It's extremely helpful to have support as you do this work in your own organization, so having a "training buddy" greatly enhances your chance for success. To pay for multiple registrations and receive the discount, please email nsrf@nsrfharmony.org.

    Seating is limited so act quickly!

    Only 20 people will benefit from this training! If you're interested, please register soon to hold your seat, before March 15 to get the $850 rate! If you are registering and need to pay with a check or a purchase order, please email nsrf@nsrfharmony.org right away to make arrangements. We need at least ten participants for this training to happen. We will confirm this training for you and send some preparatory materials the week before training begins. If you need to cancel, we strongly urge you to find someone else to transfer your registration, and can only offer refunds before this confirmation date.

    Refund policy

    NSRF works hard to keep the costs of our trainings low and only accepts a limited number of participants per cohort, which makes it an especially high-value training opportunity. Because of the limited number of seats and the low margin, refunds are only available with cancellations at least two weeks before this event. If you find you cannot attend, please try to find a colleague who can take your seat and contact us with the information so we can be sure to make proper adjustments and connections moving forward. If we should cancel this training due to lack of participation or other circumstance, you will be notified immediately via email and fully refunded. By submitting your registration you are agreeing to these terms.

    A few Tech Agreements

    For the best experience for you and everyone else, we ask that you review and follow our agreements around the technologies we're using.

    Click here to review these.

    • Days in advance, connect to your virtual classroom to complete a bit of advance homework. You will receive an email from your facilitator welcoming you and sharing a direct link. You’ll also receive an email from the virtual classroom to notify you of your enrollment.
    • Join Zoom using a computer (desktop or laptop) rather than a mobile device. Otherwise you will miss key experiences.
    • Use the Zoom application rather than connecting in a browser window. Visit Zoom.us to ensure you have the latest download. Using the application helps ensure you can access all the abilities of Zoom.
    • Bring a headset with a microphone rather than using the microphone and speaker on your device. This ensures that we’ll all be able to hear one another well, that you will not inadvertently interrupt others, that background noise will not disturb the group, nor the group disturb others in your local environment.
    • Keep your camera on, especially in breakouts, unless you experience bandwidth/connectivity issues. Being able to see one another, read facial expressions, and feel “seen” are all vital parts of this work. We respect your privacy if you need to use a virtual background or throw a sheet over your background, but it’s important to see your face as much as we can. However, if your Internet or WiFi connectivity causes disruption for you, you may turn off your camera while in the large group space. We hope you’ll be able to participate with camera on in breakouts.
    • There are a few more tech agreements, which we'll introduce on Day 1.

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    If you have any questions about CFG trainings in general, or about purchasing and registering for this NSRF® Open Coaches Training, please email us at nsrf@nsrfharmony.org. We are here to help!

    We look forward to working with you in 2022!


    Your registration form:

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    This companion volume to the Courageous Conversations About Race provides chapter summaries and activities, writing prompts, and artwork for overheads and handouts. Positively reviewed in the November 2014 issue of Connections.
  • Inquiry

    Positively reviewed in the December 2011 NSRF® Connections, this book helps districts define, develop, and implement a systematic inquiry-based process with a focus on both adult and student learning. NSRF protocols play an important role in how this district improved school culture.
  • Sequel to the 2006 Courageous Conversations About Race book (also available via this website), this 2013 edition expands the discussion of equity and social justice in schools.
  • This sturdy coated poly-canvas tote with a gray and white reflective band is perfect for carrying all of your NSRF essentials whether it be day or night. This shoulder tote features the NSRF logo and its partnered affiliate the Harmony Education Center, in a tri-band pattern of black, white and green. This bag can be carried with ease on the shoulder or resting on the arm with the aid of its straps and with an added bonus an attached zipper to keep all your belongings safe and secure. Approximate Product Measurements: Height: 16 in. Length: 21 in. Width: 5 in. Carrying Capacity: 0.972 cubic feet Should you need to pay with a purchase order, you will need to email or call us with that information.
  • The Resource Book was formerly used in our Critical Friends Group® Coaches' trainings, and contains a selection of the older protocols and activities from the NSRF library.
  • Here you may pay or renew your Membership Fee in order to initiate or continue your Member-level access with the National School Reform Faculty. A paid membership* also includes subscription to our publication, Connections, which offers you tips on using our protocols and activities effectively, facilitation tips, media reviews, and much more. With your membership, you are also helping lead the effort to fulfill our mission: empowering educators to create meaningful learning experiences for all, by collaborating effectively in reflective democratic communities that foster educational equity and social justice.

    *Please note that, once purchased, an annual paid membership with NSRF is non-transferrable as well as non-refundable.

    Are you a trained CFG Coach? If so, then you should renew your CFG Coaches' Membership* instead!

    *Be sure to be logged in to your account with your applied coaches' status in order to see the Coaches' Membership as a product in the store. Need help logging in? Call our office or email us for assistance.

    Interested in becoming a trained CFG Coach? We would love to have you at one of our upcoming Open Trainings, or NSRF can come to your school for an On-Site Training!


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