NSRF Protocol Matching Tool

Since 1994, the National School Reform Faculty has created and refined more than 200 protocols and activities to use in Critical Friends Group® communities, classrooms, meetings, and beyond. Each one is designed to help you arrive at a specific desired outcome, efficiently and effectively. When you have a piece of work, a dilemma, or an outcome you hope to achieve but you are unsure which protocol or activity can accomplish your goal, NSRF members may use the Protocol Matching Tool below to narrow down your options.

If you know the name of the protocol or activity you wish to use, you may find it on our A-Z list linked below.

Protocol A-Z List

Want Access to the Protocol Matching Tool?

The protocol Matching Tool is only available to NSRF Members and coaches. You can gain access to it and additional protocols by becoming a member or attending an NSRF training.