Especially for Administrators!

Build a healthy culture of trust and a sense of belonging,
improve your facilitative leadership skills, and
keep your priorities at the forefront
with Critical Friends Group® work!

Principals, APs, Heads and Assistant Heads of School, Superintendents, and other supervisory admins, please join us!
(Instructional Coaches are also welcome here!)

Critical Friends Group® Virtual Open Training for ADMINISTRATORS:

A 17.5-hour training conducted within Zoom

November 14-18, 9AM-12:30PM EST*

*Check your equivalent time zone here.

The business of education presents its own, unique problems. Critical Friends Group work can build trust, improve your practice, and keep your priorities at the forefront!

Administrator-only CFG® communities provide a trusted environment to work out dilemmas and improve work or plans that may be inappropriate to share right now with your teaching staff. CFG work can help your administrative team to share and learn from best practices throughout your organization and beyond and to create structure for meetings so work is actually accomplished rather than simply discussed. In this hands-on and brains-on training, participants will hone many facilitative leadership skills. NOTE: This is NOT a sit-and-get webinar!

  • Build trust by recognizing and valuing our differences as well as our similarities. You’ll experience a series of proven activities designed to move beyond “inviting people to the table” to actually “listening to and valuing all the people at the table.” By learning experientially, you’ll see how these activities can be received by your staff when you bring the activities home.
  • Polish skills to give and receive feedback more effectively, including learning the phrasing that converts ideas from criticism to gifts.
  • Improve YOUR real-life work problems. After we’ve built trust with one another, rather than practicing around theoretical examples or examples based on classroom teaching, participants will present their actual work and dilemmas. We’ll teach protocols to get you real-life suggestions based on the wisdom and diverse experience of participants in your training cohort.
  • Remove the “teeth” of professional dilemmas by reframing them with new perspectives offered by your wise new Critical Friends.
  • Increase equity by ensuring we hear from everyone in meetings and classes (rather than just those who are comfortable speaking in large groups) and demonstrating that those voices are heard.
  • Absorb how to use these tools by reflecting on every activity and protocol.
  • Learn how to improve your school culture by recognizing myriad ways to embed CFG communities and tools into your organization.

In short, in five 3.5-hour sessions, you will experience the power of Critical Friends Group communities, and you will learn how to improve your work environment by facilitating similar experiences throughout your organization.

Register TODAY for this Open Critical Friends Group Virtual Training exclusively for Administrators

We encourage administrators to be trained separately from their staff to facilitate openness and trust, and, since admins may not need coach certification, this shortened option works best for everyone!


Expect to collaborate and participate!

You will be on-camera and on-task! This training will require your attention and interaction. And all that pays off handsomely! 

Expect to experience the power of Critical Friends Group communities during our days together and to learn how to improve your own work environment by creating that experience with other professional colleagues from various schools and organizations from across the country or even around the world. 

You will be asked to bring a sticky problem you’re facing, as well as some imperfect work or troublesome data, and (after we’ve built trust so you feel safe sharing it) you’ll leave training with helpful insights you can immediately use.

Upon completion, you will receive a certificate of completion for this Virtual CFG Training for Administrators.  You will then be prepared to use these materials in meetings and other virtual settings.  Plus, you’ll have a yearlong Coaches’ membership to the NSRF website which will grant you access to more than 250 tools you can use in the rooms with your colleagues!

Time well spent!

Your investment for the full training is only $650 for 17.5 hours of training (plus 2-5 hours of asynchronous work) and includes PDF copies of all the new protocols and activities used in the training, a year-long coaches’ membership in the NSRF® with full access to the coaches’ online protocol library, and ongoing support from your facilitators well beyond the training dates.

If you bring a friend or colleague to this training, each of you will receive a $25 discount, so the price becomes $625 each (one discount per organization, please).  It’s extremely helpful to have support as you do this work in your own organization, so having a trained, trusted colleague greatly enhances your chance for successful implementation. To pay for multiple registrations and receive the discount, please email

Seating is limited so act quickly!

Only 20 people will benefit from this training! If you’re interested, please register right away to hold your seat.

If you are registering and need to pay with a purchase order, please email to make immediate arrangements.

We need at least ten participants for this training to happen. We will confirm this training for you and send some preparatory materials about a week before our first session, which you’ll need to read and respond to before training begins.

If you need to cancel your registration, we strongly urge you to find someone else to transfer your registration. We can only offer refunds BEFORE this confirmation date.

NOTE: Although you will have access to our coaches’ library for one year, this Administrator’s training does NOT culminate in a coaches’ certification. If you would like to become CERTIFIED as a Virtual CFG COACH and be able to continue a Coach membership, you’ll need to register for a FULL CFG coaches’ training!

Refund policy

NSRF works hard to keep the costs of our trainings low and only accepts a limited number of participants per cohort, which makes it an especially high-value training opportunity. Because of the limited number of seats and the low margin, refunds are only available with cancellations at least two weeks before this event. If you find you cannot attend, please try to find a colleague who can take your seat and contact us with the information so we can be sure to make proper adjustments and connections moving forward. If we should cancel this training due to lack of participation or other circumstances, you will be notified immediately via email and fully refunded. By submitting your registration you are agreeing to these terms.

A few invitations regarding technology

For the best experience for you and everyone else, we ask that you review and consider these invitations around the technologies we’re using.

Click here to review these.

  • Days in advance, connect to your Virtual.NSRF classroom to complete a bit of advance homework. You will receive an email from your facilitator welcoming you and sharing a direct link. You’ll also receive an email from the virtual classroom to notify you of your enrollment.
  • Join Zoom using a computer (desktop or laptop) rather than a mobile device. Otherwise you will miss key experiences.
  • Use the Zoom application rather than connecting in a browser window. Visit to ensure you have the latest update. Using the application helps ensure you can access all the abilities of Zoom.
  • If you have one, use a headset with a microphone rather than using the microphone and speaker on your device. This ensures that we’ll all be able to hear one another well, that you will not inadvertently interrupt others, that background noise will not disturb the group, nor the group disturb others in your local environment.
  • Keep your camera on, especially in breakouts, unless you experience bandwidth/connectivity issues. Being able to see one another, read facial expressions, and feel “seen” are all vital parts of this work. We respect your privacy if you need to use a virtual background, but it’s important to see your face as much as we can. However, if your Internet or WiFi connectivity causes disruption for you, you may turn off your camera while in the large group space. We hope you’ll be able to participate with camera on in breakouts.
  • There are a few more tech agreements, which we’ll introduce on Day 1.

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If you have any questions about CFG trainings in general, or about purchasing and registering for this NSRF® Open Admin Training, please email us at We are here to help!

Would you rather bring an Administrator’s Training to 10-20 administrators and professionals at your school, district, or organization, either virtually or on-site? We can do that, too! Read more here.


We look forward to working with you in November 2022!


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