Building Belonging in Virtual Settings:
A 6-hour Virtual MicroCredential Training

May 6-7th, 2021
Thursday – Friday
4-7PM EDT*, each day

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In this 6-hour Virtual MicroCredential Training, learn protocols and activities to explore one’s sense of belonging in virtual and physical classrooms and other collaborative settings.

From the safety and comfort of your own home, please join us via Zoom for this six-hour training split into two days.

Experience and learn new protocols!

Together, we’ll experience (and you’ll learn to lead) several protocols and activities designed to help us all feel a stronger sense of Belonging even through our computer screens. Some of these are variations on materials designed last year for our in-person Building Belonging in the Classroom five-day training, and others are new, designed specifically for Zoom.

Anyone can join this training!

If you’re already a Critical Friends Group Coach OR a Building Belonging Coach, you will learn NEW materials and strategies in these two days with us! And if you have not completed one of our five-day coaches’ trainings, you’ll experience the real power of Critical Friends Group work — a LOT of connection-building just within our short time together. Everyone will leave with new insights into the process of connecting deeply via screens, as well as  specific tools to take into your own classrooms, virtual meetings with colleagues, and maybe even Zoom gatherings with your extended family! This MicroCredential is open to all, regardless of your prior experience with NSRF.


Expect to collaborate and participate!

This is not a “webinar” to half-listen to while doing other things. Expect to be on-camera and on-task, and the results will be worth it! This is an NSRF professional learning EXPERIENCE. Completing all of this training will gain you a MicroCredential certification in Building Belonging in Online Environments!

Use protocols & practice to strengthen a sense of belonging in classrooms and meetings!

Educators will experience a variety of protocols and activities designed to build connection and belonging in the classroom (and colleagues’ belonging in collaborative meetings). We will debrief in depth, noticing which activities work better for different audiences and circumstances: this isn’t a “magic wand” in which every activity will work equally well with all people at all times, so each participant will be reflective about when and how to implement each of them. All participants will enhance their professional performance through the use of protocols and reflective practice.

New materials designed to foster an environment of caring and acceptance!

New and familiar protocols, activities, and techniques shared here were designed specifically to foster an environment of caring and acceptance within a Zoom (or other virtual) environment. As we do face-to-face in the same room, we accomplish this by methodically building trust, ensuring equity of voice, and emphasizing the need to listen for understanding rather than judgment.

The NSRF Facilitators leading this training will transparently share facilitation details of these activities that help us overcome (as much as possible) the separation we all feel due to physical distancing.

Experience proven protocols and activities tweaked for virtual environments! Here are some of the virtual activities you can expect:

  • Quotes Introduction Activity
  • Aha! Pair-Share Protocol
  • Three Levels of Text Protocol
  • Commonalities Activity
  • Celebration Share Activity

Even if some of those titles are familiar to you, you’ll learn how NSRF has tweaked them to work better within virtual environments, a process which is not always as straightforward as it may seem!


Time well spent!

Your investment to attend this Open MicroCredential Training is $180 to complete six well-spent hours.  Receive PDF copies of the materials used in the training for your future use. (We ask you to please respect our copyright and do not share the materials broadly — We trust that you will use them with care and regard.)

Participants who complete the full training will receive a Building Belonging MicroCredential Badge and certificate citing the number of hours spent in the training.

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Logistics & Tech Agreements

We commit to beginning and ending on time so we recommend that you connect to our Zoom link a few minutes in advance of the training time. There will be a break midway through each of these sessions. (You will receive the Zoom link to “join” upon completion of your purchase. Do not share the Zoom link as it is specific to you.)

For the best experience for you and everyone else, we ask that you review our Tech Agreements.

Click here to review these.

  • Connect using a computer (desktop or laptop computer) rather than a mobile device.
  • Use the Zoom application rather than connecting in a browser window. Visit for the download. Using the application helps ensure you can access all the abilities of Zoom.
  • Use a headset with a microphone rather than the microphone and speaker on your device: this ensures that we’ll all be able to hear one another well, that you will not inadvertently interrupt others, that background noise will not disturb the group, nor the group disturb others in your local environment.
  • Do not record or take screenshots of the activities without express permission. NSRF may use screenshots for our future promotions, however, but will confirm your permission if we do. This agreement, combined with the use of a microphone/headset allows all participants to feel more confident in group confidentiality.
  • Stay muted unless it’s your turn to speak, and mute yourself again after speaking. There will be opportunities for open conversation, but because we begin and end on time, we do our best to stay on-task.
  • Keep your camera on, especially in breakouts, unless you experience bandwidth/connectivity issues. Being able to see one another, read facial expressions, and feel “seen” are all vital parts of experiencing a sense of belonging. If you need to use a virtual background or throw a sheet over items in the background that you wish to keep private, we respect your privacy in those matters, but it’s important to see your face as much as we can. However, if your Internet or wifi connectivity causes disruption for you, you may turn off your camera while in the large group space. We hope you’ll be able to participate with camera on in breakouts.
  • In this training, the Zoom Chat box is not for informal chatting, but for the business-at-hand. We will share important links and other information with you in Chat, and at times we will be watching Chat to get your responses, but we ask that you not send informal chat messages to everyone in the group and instead that you help us all keep our attention on the work at hand.

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Refund Policy

NSRF works hard to keep the costs of our trainings low and only accepts a limited number of participants per cohort, which makes it an especially high-value training opportunity. Because of the limited number of seats and the low margin, refunds are only available with cancellations at least two weeks before this event. If you find you cannot attend, please try to find a colleague who can take your seat and contact us with the information so we can correct the Zoom link for that person. If we should cancel this training due to lack of participation or other circumstance, you will be notified immediately via email and fully refunded. By submitting your registration you are agreeing to these terms.


If you have any questions about CFG trainings in general, or about purchasing and registering for this NSRF® Open MicroCredential Training, please email us at We are here to help!

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