Collaborative Cue Cards assist participants engaged in CFG work with several key skills, adding to the efficiency and effectiveness of the NSRF protocols. The color-coded cards are intended for CFG school facilitators/coaches to use and reuse in meetings. Each card provides easily accessible descriptions and multiple stems for creating clarifying and probing questions, paraphrasing, and warm and cool feedback. Designed and tested for several years by NSRF International Facilitator Dave Nelson, these durable, 8.5″ x 5.5″ plastic cards are available in packets of 12 or 15 (see other products), packaged in an attractive carrying case.

The Deluxe Collaborative Cue Card Tool Kit consists of 15 Cue Cards packaged in a more elaborate, attractive carrying case with flip top Velcro enclosure and two zipper pouches. Other items in the picture are NOT included, but show examples of other additional supplies used in CFG meetings that can easily tuck into the zippered pockets.

If you wish to order more than two packets of cards or ship internationally, please call our office so we may give you an accurate shipping charge. Also, if you need to pay with a purchase order, you will need to email or call us with that information.