Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

NSRF appreciates all educators and all that they do every day of the year!

NSRF has a brand new closer activity in our Protocol Libraries for our Members and trained CFG Coaches. For Teachers’ Appreciation Week, we would like to share this activity for ALL teachers!

NSRF protocols and activities promote effective collaboration, best practices, and lasting improvements in classrooms and professional learning communities. In professional learning communities, building trust and belonging is tough. For teacher groups, this can be even more challenging given time constraints and long to-do lists, but foundational trust and a solid sense of belonging can grow quickly with only a few devoted minutes set aside for NSRF’s unique, structured icebreakers, transitional activities, and closers. Our Members’ Protocol Library is full of them!

Our newest closer activity, “Parting Words,” was written and shaped by certified CFG Coach Sarah Machamer alongside the NSRF team. It is short and simple and can be a great way to end a regular meeting on a positive, personal note, bringing group members together to listen, reflect, and appreciate each other more deeply before they part ways.

If you are logged in as a Member or as a CFG Coach with a Coaches’ Membership, you can find the “Parting Words” activity in your searchable Protocol Library as a website page as well as a downloadable PDF file.

Click on the graphic below to save/share this abbreviated version of the protocol as an easy-to-read image file, or click the button to download the complete activity it as a PDF file! Share it with friends and on your favorite social network!

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