Start here if you’re an individual seeking to become a certified CFG® coach, or are inquiring for just a few people from a school or district.

If you have five to nine people interested in being trained, read here but also see the On-Site & Open Training page. But if you have 10-15 people ready to start training, got to the On-Site Trainings page for the most cost-effective option for you.
And if you already know you want to sign up for an Open Training, scroll down to see options open now.

Open Trainings open the world to you.

In your work environment, you interact often with people who are a lot like you. You are, after all, working in a similar field, with the same student body, within the same age/grade range, in a particular school, in a shared geographic location. In contrast, each NSRF Open Training typically includes:

  • participants from a range of early childhood, elementary, middle, high, preK-12, and higher education,
  • a mixture of classroom teachers, administrators, coaches, professional development folks, and others,
  • people from public and private schools,
  • participants from “poorer” schools and districts, and others from more comfortable places,
  • some who are attending voluntarily and others who have been “strongly encouraged to attend” by an administrator,
  • educators from all over the country and sometimes even from outside the U.S, and
  • sometimes a few participants from business or other arenas who want to learn from and with educators.

Upcoming Open Trainings are listed for you below. Click on the event to read more details and to register.

In-Person Open Trainings

Our In-Person Open Trainings are being held at various sites across the country. Fees for our Open Five-Day, In-Person Coaches Trainings, unless otherwise noted, include all five days of training, plus your materials, lunch, a CFG Coaches’ Certificate of Completion, and a year’s coach membership in NSRF. Overnight accommodations, transportation, and evening meals are additional costs, arranged by you.

Do you have a small group of 5 or more who want to train with us to become certified CFG® Coaches?

You have options!

  1. Educators can attend our Open Trainings individually, where they benefit from interacting with educators from various backgrounds. Virtual Open Trainings offer unique advantages but also have some expected drawbacks, while On-Site Open Trainings, like the one we commonly offer in Los Angeles, require additional expenses for lodging and travel.
  2. A trained NSRF® facilitator can come to your school or organization for a personalized training! Keep in mind that costs per person increase significantly for a smaller group since fixed costs remain the same whether training 5 or 15 people.
  3. Host an Open Training at your school or organization, potentially reducing costs by partially filling it with your own staff! Fill the remaining seats by inviting other educators, promoting the opportunity within your professional network, and allowing NSRF to sell the additional seats through our website and to advertise on our platforms! Contact us for more details!

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