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The fastest way to improve educator practices is by having a group of CFG® coaches trained who will launch multiple Critical Friends Group® communities throughout your organization. Scheduling a five-day Coaches’ Training at your site, with an agenda tuned to your needs, can kick-start or support a culture of continuous improvement for all. On-site trainings are often a smaller investment per-person than other training options.

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This page is for you, if you have ten to fifteen people (or more) interested in being trained now as CFG® coaches.

If you have five to nine people ready to start training, please visit the On-Site & Open Trainings page.
If you have fewer than five, visit the Open Trainings page.

What are your top three concerns?

To set an agenda that fully meets your needs, please consider what problems your school faces everyday:

  • Inefficient and time-wasting meetings?
  • A need for sharing and collaboration instead of stress and tension?
  • A way to discuss “the elephants in the living room?”
  • Questions of equity?
  • Faculty satisfaction and retention?
  • Or, as so many “supporters” are demanding, improving scores on standardized tests?

If you’re an individual educator reading this page, what aspects of your teaching practice are most challenging for you?

How can we help?

Together, we’ll discuss your most pressing needs and use them to personalize the agenda for your on-site trainings. You’ll work with a hand-selected NSRF-certified National Facilitator to meet your specific needs most effectively.

Every Critical Friends Group Coaches’ Training focuses on a handful of core NSRF protocols and activities. Participants learn and practice crucial tools for giving skillful, actionable feedback. An important part of this training is how to share information with others in ways that avoid the receiver feeling attacked or defensive. The tools learned in training, used within an ongoing CFG community, will create or reinforce feelings of belonging and welcome, thus improving collaboration between your staff members. In CFG meetings, your staff will improve their own work and that of their students. Using NSRF protocols and activities in the classrooms support the teaching of 21st Century Skills such as critical thinking, assessing, and organizing information. As new coaches, participants will also learn the subtle (but imperative!) facilitation tips for each protocol and become better facilitative leaders in many aspects of their work, not just within CFG meetings and when using NSRF protocols.

Which of your colleagues are ready to get started?

If you have ten to 15 people interested in becoming coaches (or multiples of ten or 15), that’s perfect. In every Coaches’ Training, we hold the ratio of facilitators to trainees at 1:15. We encourage schools to train at least one coach for every six to ten staff members they hope to involve in CFG communities, but schools often “scale up,” after starting with fewer coaches. NSRF trainings are never a “sit and get,” but a week of active engagement in your real-world dilemmas and local work. Expect to have hands on, brains on, and empathy on all week. Important: In order to be certified as a coach and receive coaches’ access to our website, participants must complete the entire five-day training. This training is jam-packed with important content, each segment building upon the segment before. If participants miss more than an hour or so, they will not be able to make up that time with homework, and if someone floats in and out, they can rapidly become lost. Please advise your staff how important it is to commit to attending the full week’s agenda. For more information, check our FAQ.

Keeping the costs as low as possible

Depending on exactly where you’re located and how many people will be trained at one time, a group of 15 can be trained for about $800-$1,100 per participant. (If you have fewer people, the rate per person rises because most of the costs are fixed per training, not per participant.) That fee covers the whole five days of training, one NSRF-certified National Facilitator, all the facilitator’s expenses, one Critical Friends Group Coaches’ Handbook for every participant, a frameable certificate for each graduate of the training, and a year’s NSRF membership for each participant (with extra benefits for members and more for the newly certified coaches). One 15-pack of Collaborative Cue Cards is also included for each training cohort, to be used within training and kept for later use within CFG meetings at your school.

You will provide a suitable space to hold the training, food for the participants, and supporting materials (chart paper, markers, sticky notes … you probably have everything we’ll need in your storeroom … plus a few printouts/copies of other materials needed during the training week).

Continuing Credit Units (CCUs) are not included in our estimate, but we can certify the number of hours of training received if you’re working through your own program for credit.

If you should need to cancel a prearranged contract for an on-site training, know that you will be required to pay for all expenses incurred prior to the date of termination. If the contract is terminated six to two weeks before the date of services, there is a termination fee of 25% of the total amount contracted. Contracts must be paid in full if event is cancelled less than two weeks in advance.

What you will bring to training

NSRF Trainings are definitely NOT “sit and get” events. Through the week, you should expect to engage in solving your own and others’ real-life problems. Before your training, we’ll send the organizer an email to forward to all participants telling them of a bit of homework: an article to read and bring to the first day, and more importantly, instructions to bring “a dilemma and a piece of work.”

The best way to fully understand the power and value of CFG work and NSRF protocols is to experience how they help you address your own challenges.

Everyone has dilemmas in their work, challenges they just haven’t been able to solve on their own. Plus, you also have some imperfect or confusing project, some assessment or plan or other document that you know needs some help. Bring those things with you, and within your week of training, the group will use NSRF protocols to show you specific next steps you can take home to improve both the work and the dilemma! By participating in and facilitating those protocols using other people’s real dilemmas and real work, you’ll experience the satisfaction of helping your colleagues solve their toughest problems.

Next steps

Before you contact us, we ask you to think of your answers to these questions:

  • What are your goals for CFG work at your school, or why are you personally interested in CFG Coaches’ Training?
  • About how many people will be ready to train?
  • What dates would work best for you?
  • Will you want five consecutive days or split the training into a three-day session with a two-day session, later? A split training is most commonly used during the academic year, with most summer trainings scheduled on consecutive days.

Feel free to call us even if you don’t know all these answers yet. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have for us, in return.

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