After having written in this blog last week about another way to think about group Agreements, I was reminded of an older article we’d published in Issue 3 of 2016-17 entitled “How to enforce your CFG community Agreements.”  I’d forgotten that Michele had written it (even though I’d edited it!) because we’ve covered a lot of ground in these last few years! Rereading it, I’m finding it extremely valuable so I wanted to point it out to our current readers.

Group Agreements are such a powerful and important part of CFG work, we’ve written about it often!

I encourage you to read (or reread):

How to enforce your CFG community Agreements,” by NSRF Director Michele Mattoon

Agree now or pay later, also by Michele

Protocols in the Classroom: The power of group agreements, by Missy Bousley

Another Protocols in the Classrooms article, this one with a new way to set agreements:  Teaching the foundation of
collaboration: setting classroom agreements using ChalkTalk protocol by Penny Preen-Kynigou

Use these “5 Rs” to keep your Group Agreements fresh and meaningful, by Kaethe Perez

Of course, we’ve written a lot of other “golden oldies” beyond Agreements

But we’ll save those for another post!  If you have ideas or requests for content here, new or older, please comment below.