If you’ve been thinking about becoming a CFG Coach but just haven’t gotten around to it …

If your colleagues have all been trained, but you haven’t yet …

If you THINK you might want to introduce this staffwide but, first, want to “test drive” it …

NSRF’s 5-day Coaches Training, starting October 14-16th (last 2 days TBA), is exactly what you NEED!


Administrators, you have a unique opportunity!

One of the best practices we recommend is for school administrators to NOT to be trained in the same CFG Coach cohort as their staff. In large schools or districts, we can schedule an on-site Administrative Training.

But within an Open Training like the one beginning this October, you have THE BEST opportunity to learn what CFG work can do for your school! You also have the opportunity to bring your own work and dilemmas for feedback and insights from other education professionals, without concern of revealing sensitive information!

The relief and freedom that administrators feel in our Open Trainings is palpable — They can share openly and gain vital support for their own practice, while fully understanding and experiencing what the “deep trust” of Critical Friends can do for their own school “back home.”

>> October 14th-16th, 2019 <<

These are the first three days of an intimate five-day CFG Coaches’ Open Training! No more than 15 attendants. Seats are limited! Educators come together from across the country and even around the world to become supportive, Critical Friends!

During the first three days of training, the participants themselves will determine when they will gather to complete the last two days of training, ideally, no later than February 2020.  Completing the last two days is required to become an official, certified CFG coach. Every effort is made to pick dates that work on everyone’s calendar, but if none of the possible dates will work for you, you will have a credit with NSRF and can attend the last two days of a future training to complete your requirement.

October’s Open Training is in beautiful Bloomington, Indiana: home to NSRF, Indiana University, and many remarkable restaurants and venues!

Throughout the week of training, we provide snacks, drinks, and catered lunches from some of our best local restaurants. Aside from the cost of training to NSRF, your only expenses are travel, lodging, and your evening meal.

Bloomington is about an hour’s drive south of the Indianapolis International Airport. You may choose to rent a car there or book a seat on the convenient GoExpress shuttle which brings you straight to our town, within walking distance from our training site!

Discount rates for two or more colleagues attending training together!

Open Trainings in Bloomington offer each attendee a $50 discount if they attend the same training together from the same school or organization. Bringing a colleague is a powerful idea! Once you return to your homebase, you already have one person who understands the work so you can support each other and continue the momentum of building new groups of critical friends!

Deadline to apply is right around the corner!

We hold the training to only 15 participants because of CFG Coaches trainings are very “hands-on” and experiential. If you want a seat in October’s Open Training, be sure to GRAB IT NOW!

Do not purchase non-refundable airfare until we confirm on or before September 2nd, 2019 that there is a space for you and that we have a full cohort.

For more details or to purchase your seat, click on the photo below!

October Open Training Deadline Approaching September 2nd

Open Trainings bring together a wide variety of participants from all over the world to learn CFG work and share in a different sort of way than in on-site trainings.

In any CFG Coaches’ Training, all participants bring a dilemma and a piece of work in order to experience within the training. Because attendees at Open Trainings come from a plethora of education professions, you have the unique opportunity to gain meaningful input from educators from across the country (and sometimes beyond), from all sorts of educational institutions (K-12 independent schools, public schools, universities, seminaries, etc.), and from people ranging from classroom teacher or professor, to HR director, to school administrator, etc.

Can’t make it this Fall? We have more dates for Open Trainings in our hometown sketched on our calendar for the Spring and Summer! Reach out to us if you’d like to put your name on a future roster. These events will be live on our Open Trainings Page soon.

Interested in bringing a training to your school? Our facilitators come to your school or organization, wherever you may be. On-Site Trainings can be very powerful and effective in shifting your school’s culture in a positive direction! Read more about On-Site Trainings and call us — We have the answers to your questions!

If you’re concerned you may not have a full cohort of 15 future-CFG-coaches to train at your school, we have options! Even On-Site Trainings can “open” their doors to the public and other educators who are nearby but not at the same school and/or who are willing to travel. Read more about Open/On-Site Trainings!