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Knowing that educators are some of the busiest people on the planet, we are offering Connections in bite-sized pieces, more often. Each post below shows a brief summary, so you can decide whether you want to click through to read the whole article, and each article is designed as a relatively quick read.  We will add content often, but only email you with an “index” of recent posts about four times per year.

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A Time and Place for Pie

A few years ago, I decided to start every Monday in one of my 7th grade social studies classes with the Transitions Activity ... It was going to be powerful. I just knew it ... (10 min. read)

What’s new at NSRF since Spring Break (part 1)

Of course we're all looking forward to the time when we can visit your schools to train people on-site, and invite people to Bloomington, Indiana for open trainings again. But in the meantime there's a huge need for Critical Friends Group work to continue. NSRF has created NEW virtual Micro-Trainings and MicroCredential Trainings to support educators! (4 min. read)

What’s new at NSRF since Spring Break (part 2)

Today, getting support and assistance from your Critical Friends may be more critical than any other time since our inception. NSRF has jumped into action creating Virtual Critical Friends Group Coaches' Trainings and MicroCredential Trainings leading toward a new Virtual CFG Coach certification! (5 min. read)


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