Meetings to build trust and solve problems.

If you’re facing schoolwide dilemmas or other challenging meetings, you may have greater success if those are facilitated by a skilled professional with a bit of distance from the problems. NSRF® expert facilitators can design and lead a meeting to accomplish your meeting goals, and keep you, personally, out of the “hot seat.”

Meeting design, development and facilitation

Once you’ve experienced the power of NSRF protocols and activities in action, it’s easy to recognize how they can transform other types of meetings and projects, even outside the context of a Critical Friends Group® community. Overhauling a curriculum? Yes. Developing and promoting new staff evaluation structures? Certainly. Strategic planning? Definitely. Envisioning and building an entirely new school? Absolutely.

“Don’t try this at home” … sometimes

Also, unfortunately, administrators sometimes find their schools in the middle of politically charged situations or otherwise complicated dilemmas in the public eye. School boards, heads of school, or other leaders often need to call a public or school-wide meeting, and worry that they won’t be able to balance attendee needs with the needs of the organization. The more delicate the situation, the more you may wish you could call upon a skilled, independent facilitator who has no stake in the outcome to lead the meeting. You have to be able to trust that the facilitator would use their skills to reach for the best possible outcome at the end of the meeting.

Enter NSRF® national facilitators with our skillset and toolbox.

Tell us what you need to be done, and we’ll get you there

Ideally, you’ll first talk with us about the outcomes you’re seeking, so we can help design an agenda to meet those needs and arrive at the end with concrete results. We’ll create a program of protocols and activities aimed at achieving your goals and review it with you to make sure we’re moving in the right direction. Then we’ll arrive at your doorstep to facilitate the meeting (allowing you to be a participant or an observer), following our agenda to achieve your goals and deliver actionable next steps.

Although administrators generally work hard to be open and equitable, their internal and external audiences do not always perceive them as such. Having a skilled, neutral third party facilitating conversations and work groups allow the participants to trust the process. The administration won’t be seen as having a hidden agenda, because every voice in the room is heard and everyone will leave the meeting understanding that progress has been made.

How much will this cost?

If you have a crucial meeting that requires a delicate touch, a better question might be “how much will it cost if we try to do this ourselves?” But we understand your wondering. Prices for an NSRF national facilitator designing and conducting a meeting will depend on the duration of the meeting or event, how much time we’ll spend with you designing and polishing the plan, your location, and availability of the appropriate facilitator. In ballpark terms, prices run from $2,000-$5,000 for a daylong event, which includes all facilitator time and expenses including travel, lodging, and meals.

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