Christina Botbyl (NSRF International Facilitator) has co-authored with Kim Cofino of Eduro Learning the soon-to-be released book, Finding Your Path as a Woman in School Leadership: A Guide for Educators, their Allies & Advocates. These two experienced women leaders in international education bring forth an impactful book that provides actionable steps for both aspiring and established leaders ready to support growing leaders in their school communities. 

Featuring the experiences of over 70 successful female leaders in international, public, and private schools around the world — including NSRF Executive Director Michele Mattoon — the book offers interconnected stories about the realities of being a woman in K–12 school leadership today.

Women face distinct and unique challenges in pursuing a leadership pathway in schools; unfortunately, most of the obstacles facing women are hidden and only become visible when encountered on the journey to leadership. Chapters feature powerful stories woven together to provide takeaway strategies and address common themes for women in leadership, including unconscious bias and daily microaggressions; physical, linguistic, and cultural expectations of leaders; perception (or reality) of lack of opportunities for women; impostor syndrome and double standards; and availability of mentorship and guidance. 

Dr. Rania Saeb, of West Coast University & California State University, notes: 

“Not only do the authors share stories and insights from female leaders around the world, but they turn these into actionable ‘how-to’s’ that every one of us can take and make our own. This book reminds educators that every one of them belongs in the leadership arena and that their ideas, their voice and their experiences matter. You will finish the book feeling inspired not only to lead, but to empower those around you to do the same.”

NSRF encourages you to facilitate a book study in your setting using NSRF text-based protocols to guide the conversations! The Three Levels or the Deeper Implications media protocols provide a framework to “deepen understanding of a text” while exploring and making connections to participants’ lives. For a book study group who seek to think critically and share opinions and aspirations about women in leadership, the Four A’s Text Protocol is another excellent option.

Finding Your Path as a Woman in School Leadership is available for pre-order from Amazon and directly from Routledge.

Learn more about the book, meet the authors & join the virtual book study at: 

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