What we learned from a year of training and meetings on Zoom

In April 2021, I was selected to speak at TEDxBloomington, sharing Ideas Worth Spreading about how we can connect more deeply and authentically via Zoom. CFG coaches will recognize familiar protocols and activities here, and those within the virtual CFG Coaches’ Trainings we’ve held this year will (metaphorically) see themselves in this short talk. I was pleased, too, to reference the Equity Maps iPad application designed and promoted by NSRF International Facilitator Dave Nelson, as I find it a powerful tool in ensuring equity of voice.

If you find the content of my talk valuable, I hope you’ll share it with others!  And if you have not yet completed CFG Coaches’ Training with NSRF, please visit our Open Trainings page right now and sign up to learn how to do everything I mention here … and much more!

Luci McKean
NSRF Director of Virtual Learning

Woman in red dress, arms outstretched, in front of TEDxBloomington banner with slide overhead with her name and closeup photo