Job openings for people with Critical Friends Group experience

Periodically we hear from someone in a setting where Critical Friends Group work is embedded in their culture, and they’re looking for a key staff member who can continue that work.  While we don’t want to be in the middle of any hiring decisions, we’re delighted to spread the word for them.  Recently we received one such request, so we’ll post it here until they let us know the position has been filled.

Recruiting a 7-12 principal for my small (350) secondary school in northern New Hampshire

This is a unique opportunity for a principal to work with a committed school reform superintendent. I have lead school reform administrative teams committed to NSRF principles for over 28 years. Critical Friends protocols and processes have been central to my team based work designed to promote innovative instructional practice supported by professional reflection and collaboration. I am looking for a school principal with a similar vision and passionate commitment to building and supporting systems for on-going and embedded professional collaboration. I am hoping the NSRF Team can help me find the right person for this wonderful opportunity. 

Instructional Leadership is an essential quality of the Littleton 7-12 principal.  Our next leader will have a broad and deep understanding of best teaching practices with demonstrated experience bringing an innovative vision for learning to fruition.  Our new secondary school leader will be committed to building student agency by developing critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creative problem-solving and autonomous learning skills.  These skills and dispositions will be developed in creative learning environments to include project-based learning focused on real-world problems.

A Systems Thinking principal who creates embedded mediums for school improvement is a strong candidate for this position.  Our new principal must be committed to school-wide student centered goal setting that aligns resources with desired outcomes.  Experience in Critical Friends Groups devoted to a culture of professional collaboration and transparency of practice is essential.   Systems for communication and collaboration with all stakeholders resulting in trusting relationships is a must.

For more information, contact Bill Hart, Superintendent SAU 84 Littleton, NH,

Are there openings in your school or district for people with CFG experience?  Let us know and we’ll add your “ad” to this list.