Are there multiple CFG coaches in your school? Here’s a fab deal for bulk renewals:

In our bulk membership renewal program for CFG Coaches, schools can renew ALL their trained coaches for a discounted rate equivalent to just five coaches memberships — $375. That rate will increase to $400 in January, so it’s best if you can renew before we close for winter break on December 19 and still get the 2018 rates. Disclaimers: This bulk renewal program is only for coaches; if your school also has $25 members or participants who did not complete all 5 days of training, those membership are not included in this deal. Also, bulk renewals are school-based, not district-based, so if you attended a mixed training across several schools, you will need to make arrangements school-by-school … which is still a bargain in many cases! 

If you are a coach but haven’t renewed at the coach level:

A Coach Membership gives significantly greater access to our most updated protocols and materials than a basic $25 membership!  Let’s break down the benefits of each level:

  • All of our original protocols from the early 2000s are still available to any registered user to our site, regardless of whether they purchase a membership. (We do now ask visitors to register so we know what materials are viewed most often and can upgrade them for our membership as needed.)
  • Any paid membership provides access to our valuable Protocol Matching Tool, which provides suggestions dependent upon the type of work you want to do and the outcome you desire.
  • A $25 “regular” membership also provides access to 24 new and/or updated protocols.
  • A $75 coach membership — available only to those already in our database or who can document having completed a five-day NSRF Coaches’ Training — provides you everything above AND 60+ more new and updated protocols, activities, and texts, AND access to a coaches-only submenu of materials to help you with your coaching practice.

To renew or purchase an individual membership, click the appropriate link at the top of our “store” page:

If you’re responsible for a bulk renewal of coach memberships, click this link:

(And if you’re not the person responsible for bulk renewals, please forward the link to them and ask them to take action ASAP to save your school the most money!)