Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

NSRF appreciates educators around the world every day of the year!
For Teachers’ Appreciation week we want to help teachers

NSRF has supported and trained thousands of teachers since our inception in 1994! Our protocols and activities promote effective collaboration, best practices, and lasting improvements in classrooms and professional learning communities.

Teachers, we recognize your ongoing devotion, patience, and strengths as well as your genius and drive to ever-improve your practices and move forward in positive directions. This week, NSRF would like to help you CELEBRATE your accomplishments and achievements as you wrap up another school year full of unique challenges and discoveries!

Because your to-do lists are so long, we know pausing to celebrate is a rare event. NSRF offers our “Celebration Share” activity with you here (normally only available with a paid membership to NSRF) so you can make it happen in minutes — the end result is nothing but powerful inspiration all around! We hope you can gather your colleagues and critical friends to reflect, list, and CELEBRATE all that you have achieved together with this quick but satisfying activity.

If you are logged in as a Member or as a Certified Coach with a Coaches’ Membership, you can find the “Celebration Share” activity in your searchable protocol library HERE as a structured website page as well as a downloadable PDF file. You can also click on the graphic below to save it as an image file, or click the button to download it as a PDF file!

Celebration Share Activity