Individuals, now’s your time to get trained as a CFG Coach!

If you’ve been thinking about getting trained but just haven’t gotten around to it …

If your colleagues have been trained but you haven’t yet …

If you THINK you might want to introduce this staffwide but want to “test drive” it first…

Administrators: you have a unique opportunity here!

One of the best practices we recommend is for school administrators NOT to be trained in the same cohort as their staff. In large schools or districts, we can schedule an on-site Administrative Training. But within an open training you have the best opportunity to learn what CFG work can do for your school while simultaneously bringing your own work and dilemmas without concern about revealing sensitive information to your staff inappropriately. The relief that administrators feel in open trainings is palpable: they can share openly and get vital support for their own practice, while fully understanding (through experiencing) what that deep trust can do for their own school “back home.”

February 4-6, 2019, plus 2 days to be determined

These are the first three days of a five-day CFG Coaches’ Training. The participants will pull out their calendars on the 5th to determine when they are available to return for the last two days of training, typically in March or April. Completing the last two days are required to be certified as a CFG coach.  If the dates chosen by the participants don’t work for you, you will have a credit with NSRF and can attend the last two days of a future training to complete your requirement.

Bloomington, Indiana: home to the NSRF, Indiana University, and some remarkable ethnic restaurants

The training site in Bloomington is pedestrian-friendly with an unexpected number of great restaurants within walking distance. A breakfast buffet is provided at the hotel, and lunch is included in the training. Aside from the fee to NSRF, your only expenses are travel, lodging, and the evening meal.

Bloomington is about an hour’s drive south of the Indianapolis International Airport, and you may choose to rent a car or book a seat on a convenient shuttle which delivers you to the front door of the training site.

Discount rate for two or more

Price for one person is $850. Open Trainings in Bloomington offer a $50 discount to each attendee if more than one person attends from your organization. We recommend that people bring a colleague so that once you return, you already have one person who understands the work so you can help one another continue the momentum.

Deadline to apply is right around the corner!

We hold the training to only 15 participants, as this is very hands-on, experiential work. Please apply as soon as you can so we can hold your seat. Do not purchase non-refundable airfare until we confirm on or before December 17 that there’s a space for you and that we have a full cohort.

For more details, or to apply, visit this link:

Open Trainings bring together a wide variety of participants from all over the world to learn CFG work and share in a different sort of way than in on-site trainings.

Remember, in any CFG Coaches’ Training, all participants bring a dilemma and a piece of work in order to experience within the training. And because attendees at Open Trainings come from a plethora of education professionals, you have the unique opportunity to get meaningful input from educators from across the country (and sometimes beyond), from all sorts of educational institutions (K-12 independent schools, public schools, universities, seminaries, etc.), and from people ranging from classroom teacher or professor, to HR director, to school administrator, etc.