Experienced & Refresher Trainings

If your certified CFG® coaches need a refresher or focused training on one or more categories of protocols (observation, student work, dilemmas, etc.), we can design an on-site training to meet your specific needs. One-day, two-day, or more, depending on what your coaches want to learn and what the time and resources will allow.

Two options exist for previously certified CFG® Coaches to deepen their understanding and skill set.

If you’d like to refresh and deepen your coaching skills, this is the right page.
If you’re feeling pretty confident and current with your skills but you want to learn more about a specific area of expertise, skip the “Feeling rusty?” section below and read the rest of the page.

Feeling a little rusty?

Just like getting to Carnegie Hall, skillful facilitation requires “practice, practice, practice.” If it’s been more than a couple years since you were trained as a coach or led a Critical Friends Group community, especially if you’re intrigued about the best use and subtle facilitation tips for our new and updated protocols, we invite you to consider a refresher.

Many long-ago-trained coaches have returned to join one of our existing Open Trainings for new coaches, and consistently report surprise and delight at the new materials, improved training agendas and information, as well as the deepening of their understanding of coaching CFG work. The opportunity to practice with educators from a broad range of demographics different from your own school means you’ll return with fresh insights.

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But what if time and resources are short or there are many coaches to refresh?

If your administration absolutely will not support you in returning for five days, and if there is enough demand among other certified CFG coaches at your school or district, NSRF® will create a three-day refresher, provided all participants can document their previous CFG Coaches’ training and certification. If we all have a common language and basic understanding, we can fast-track your refresher. Contact NSRF to discuss options.

Confident in your skills but seeking greater depths?

If your school or district has a deep need for focus on a particular area, NSRF can help with that. Experienced Coaches’ Trainings can provide a one- to three-day deep-dive (length depending on the content required) into areas such as Observation Protocols, Facilitation Skills, Growth and Belonging Mindset, Leadership, Equity, Inquiry, or Strategic Planning. These events are custom-built for a specific group of attendees, so if you’re interested in hosting or attending such a training, please let us know.

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