If you have ten to fifteen people (or more) at your organization interested in being trained now as Building Belonging in the Classroom CFG® coaches, reach out to us today!

We also want to hear from you if you are an individual educator interested in this training; we may have Open Trainings focused on this topic available for you soon. Read more below.

Let NSRF help bring belonging to your classrooms!

NSRF is piloting a NEW focused five-day training titled Building Belonging in the ClassroomThis work is an extension of mindset research from Stanford University (PERTS and the Scholars Mindset Network) and is also supported by Relational Cultural Theory. Even though these researchers have not looked specifically into our work, their findings confirm the effectiveness of NSRF trust-building processes facilitated in CFG communities for more than 25 years! Now NSRF is formalizing the process of carrying the critical work of Building Belonging into the classrooms for students’ direct benefit.

In the Building Belonging in the Classroom training, educators learn new ways of using familiar NSRF foundational materials, as well as brand-new activities designed specifically for middle- and high-school-aged students. By following a specific sequence of procedures and activities, educators recognize how to build belonging and avoid the risk of accidentally making things worse

We know that a sense of belonging in the classroom or school must be created by a teacher/leader and NOT placed as a burden on individual students who feel disenfranchised. NSRF Director Michele Mattoon explained this at TEDxBloomington: “What Happens when Organizations Bear the Burden of Belonging.” 

So far, we have successfully piloted Building Belonging in the Classroom trainings two times and are looking for more opportunities. The relief that the participating educators felt after taking the Building Belonging in the Classroom training was clear:

“Now we have some tools to help!” ~ New Building Belonging in the Classroom Coach

“As a teacher, I think we always worry that we are supposed to have all the answers. I definitely do not — and that is okay. I now have a group — a crew — to lean on for support and knowledge.” ~ New Building Belonging in the Classroom Coach

“I thought the five-day training was insightful and impactful in order to help us change our way of things and to bring effective, lasting change to our school community.” ~ New Building Belonging in the Classroom Coach

Also, participants gave rave reviews for our one-day Building Belonging workshop which focused upon encouraging a sense of belonging for the coming school year. Reflections gathered revealed the value of utilizing protocols in teams and learning to apply them:

“We had the chance to have good conversation with colleagues we don’t normally speak with, utilizing respectful protocols and honoring each other’s presence. It was also encouraging to be able to discuss information regarding the acceptance of others in order to foster a sense of belonging. A very positive start to the new school year!” ~ Workshop Participant

“I would like to see productive and purposeful sessions like this one held throughout the year. We need to be intentional about establishing a sense of belonging and not just expect it to happen.” ~ Workshop Participant

NSRF would love to help with Building Belonging in your classrooms, too!


Please download and share the flyer below which illustrates the importance of Building Belonging and the value of this particular new opportunity.

Building Belonging Infographics Flyer

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