After being interviewed by Drew Perkins for his TeachThought podcast (see previous blog post here), NSRF Director Michele Mattoon was invited to collaborate on a one-day workshop on July 16, a precursor to Grow 19, a three-day conference on July 17-19, 2019, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Within this daylong event, participants will engage honestly about topics that often provoke strong feelings on many sides of the issue, such as equity in education, high-stakes testing, etc.

Rather than leaping to blame or calling for specific solutions, instead you will be guided to:

  • Really listen for understanding when others present views different than yours
  • Explore more precisely what you feel and why you feel it
  • Articulate thoughts around your feelings in a non-judgmental, non-personal way
  • Reflect on perspectives, stories, and experiences different from yours
  • Surface common beliefs and values that are shared in a larger group of people
  • Nurture feelings of understanding, respect, empathy, and/or friendliness with others as a result of in-depth, honest, open conversations.

For more information about the conference as a whole or just this daylong event facilitated by NSRF director Michele Mattoon, visit