Achieve all your teacher resolutions in 2020!

By Luci Englert McKean, NSRF Assistant Director, International Facilitator

Image of smiling woman holding a folder. Headline “This year I vow not to get pulled into every District-atastrophe” Subhead: Achieve All Your Teacher Resolutions

Recently I heard some educators refer to “catastrophic” problems in their district as “Districtatastrophes!”  As CFG coaches, we want to remain as centered and calm as possible, helping our colleagues make changes where they have agency to do so and change their attitudes (as much as possible) where they have little or no control. Perhaps you have made a resolution for 2020 to remember “I am not required to participate in chaos” as a friend of mine puts it. 

At NSRF we have varied opinions about making resolutions, but if you’re inclined to make resolutions, we wonder if you’ve vowed anything like this:

I resolve to …

  • Mix up my classroom routines and methods and try some new activities
  • Finally figure out what’s going on with that student whose behavior baffles me
  • Take action that my administrators will want to reward
  • Stop complaining about things I cannot change and get to work on the things I *can*
  • Reflect on my little successes as well as the bigger ones

Guess what?

Critical Friends Group Coaches’ Training can help you with every one of those resolutions, and many others. Sign up now to catch one of the few remaining seats in our Open Training beginning February 3-5 in Bloomington, Indiana!

And good luck with those resolutions!