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Our resources and trainings promote effective collaboration among educators around the world, producing real and lasting improvements in their schools.  Critical Friends Group® (CFG®) work develops and encourages best practices that result in increased student learning and a stronger school culture.

Office hours & COVID-19 note

Happy Holidays!

The NSRF office will be mostly closed for the week of Thanksgiving, November 23-27th, 2020 as well as for a Winter Break, December 18, 2020 – January 11th, 2021. We will still be checking emails and voicemails as needed.

Due to the COVID-19 virus, we are working remotely. We will check voicemail messages at 812-330-2702 periodically, and you may get a faster response by emailing nsrf@nsrfharmony.org, luci@nsrfharmony.org, or michele@nsrfharmony.org.
We hope that everyone stays well! 

Critical Friends Group work and CFG coaches’ training

Critical Friends Group work originated with the NSRF in 1994. The key differences between CFG communities and other professional learning communities (PLCs) are (1) an intentional cultivation of safety and trust between the members, and (2) a focus on solving problems and accomplishing goals brought by its participants. These distinctions are key to the member educators helping each other improve their practices with honesty and integrity, resulting in a more positive school culture.

Groups are led by a certified CFG coach who is trained to use NSRF collaboration tools called “protocols” mindfully. These tools allow all CFG members’ voices to be heard and honored as they give non-judgmental, but open and honest feedback to one another, resulting in accomplishing great things in short periods of time.

Worldwide, educators are experiencing how CFG work epitomizes the mindset of continuous growth and improvement, as their CFG communities create and solidify their belonging mindset, all of which translates into a productive system to improve student learning.

Your Guide to CFG Coaches’ Training (pdf)